What motivated Chris Kaine to set up and successfully develop her people broking services?

She started with the premise that “The world’s richest man is not the one who still has the first dollar he ever earned but the one who still has his first friend.”

Chris Kaine, when a woman in her late thirties, was still single and wanted to continue sharing her home with others. She realised that there were many others like her who were single by choice or circumstance and entering the “fussy” age group. People who cared about their lifestyle, cared about their quality of life, and although enjoying their own company, preferred not to live in isolation. They often realise that a new lifestyle can be created by sharing a home – a self-chosen family.

What kept the ball rolling in the early stages of the business was positive feedback. People kept saying; what a good idea, we need help. One of the first people to register with us in Melbourne paid her money and said that she realised her requests were difficult and that we may not be able to help her but she wanted to show her support for a much needed service. From this we developed our “fees in credit” policy – even today our members are using fees that they paid 10 years ago (because there was no match available at the time).

Late 1998 statistics indicated that 40 percent of people will never marry. Large cities create divisions. Single people are getting older, they are often career oriented and need a professional service which can introduce them to the right people.

A central register is much more efficient; people can register their requests and can be selectively referred to the right people. It is much better than approaching strangers who advertise in the press or even contacting friends of friends because matching requests requires a certain amount of objectivity. People are more mobile. They leave their traditional family or community network behind and find they have to work hard to make new friends or business contacts. They may have been taught that they would grow up, get married and have babies but they weren’t told what to do if they didn’t, or what to do if the marriage didn’t last.

Unless you are extremely outgoing you find yourself locked into a work environment or a small circle of friends who aren’t always available when you need someone to:

Share your home: When there is no-one available in your immediate environment – or you don’t want to ruin a good friendship. Using classified advertisements is becoming alarmingly risky.

Mind your home. When you go away on holidays etc. and don’t have family to call on to mind your home and pets – or your family network is busy and independent.

Mind someone’s home: The perfect opportunity for the single person, perhaps living with family, to have some independence. Couples, renovators, interstate visitors, those returning to study; these are the types of people who mind.

Share Activities: When you develop a new leisure interest or miss an old one and can’t find anyone who enjoys it as much.

Share the ownership of a home as property prices continually soar. Become a Business Partner: Family members and friends are often not able or not qualified to join our business ventures.

As the pace of life increases, as we develop new skills to deal with the often unsettling circumstances that modern society brings, we need the company of other like-minded people to reassure us that we are not alone, to support our ideas and boost our confidence.

People do need people. Isolation is rarely by choice, yet many prefer isolation to being with people they don’t have a lot in common with. There is no need for life to be like that when professional services can put people in touch with each other very selectively, offering a club to access new people whenever they need them. Chris Kaine & Associates Pty Ltd will always maintain the ideal that we are a huge club where members can connect with like-minded people anywhere in Australia.

Chris Kaine said, “In any one week I may meet a lawyer, a stock broker, a film maker or actor, a builder, a chef. This gives us a dynamic and comprehensive database of people. I know that everyone loves to meet someone they click with. I think it is one of the most pleasurable things life has to offer. It gives a new dimension and means you can share your life rather than spending parts of it alone”. A more detailed look at the philosophies behind each of the services.

The only service still available is the House Minding service. The company also owns Business Angels Pty Ltd matching entrepreneurs and angel investors.