Agreement of Service

The following information will assist you to use our service successfully. We can’t be 100 percent sure that the perfect match is on our database at the same time you are. Your success depends on this. If the right person is not available on our database and you find you own person, you can put your file on hold and use your fee next time.

When you register, this is the product you buy

  • Your requests are lodged in our questionnaire
  • Each person’s requests and preferences are entered into our in-house database
  • All requests are matched to find the closest match
  • Referrals are emailed, or given by phone.
  • If there are no matches we can examine your preferences which are preventing a match and ask you to consider waiving a request to encourage a match
  • We assess the feedback to ensure our matching is accurate.

You agree to do some of the work by

  • contacting the people you are referred to
  • giving us feedback immediately after contact or meetings by email or fax. You can use our answering machine at night between 5pm and 10am but we cannot take feedback personally during office hours
  • advising changes by email, fax or answering machine so there is a record of your amended file
  • checking your progress. We set aside time Wednesday to Friday afternoons to personally speak to those who have had no contact from other members. Together we can review your requests.

We look forward to working with you to a successful completion

Agreement of service

You agree to the following when you start your registration and pay the fee.

The information given on my registration form is true and correct. I have read and accept the agency agreement and undertake to follow the procedure regarding feedback and contact with Chris Kaine & Associates Pty. Ltd. I understand that failure to comply with agency procedure and passing referrals on to non-members can result in fees being forfeited. I know that unused fees are not refundable but are held in credit to be used at any future date.


If you want more referrals – have you given us your feedback?

  • Immediate feedback about contact with each referral is crucial. Did you like the person you met and/or their place? If not, why not? You can provide this feedback by email or fax anytime, or by answering machine at night. Please try to avoid giving feedback by phone during the working day.
  • Progress calls – if no one has called you for a week, ring Wednesday, Thursday or Friday afternoons in person to see who has been referred – you can call them.
  • Notify changes – trips away, failed attempts to give up smoking, new pets, other people joining the household etc. must be left on the answering machine or faxed or emailed as soon as the information comes to hand.
  • To discuss finer points – when you have seen people and need advice to make your final decision, call only between 11 and 4.

Remember, the final choice is yours – please choose carefully.

Over the last twenty years we have designed a system to provide you with the maximum opportunity to find the right people at the least possible cost. We hope that you find the best person to share with.

Always use a good sharing agreement. Here is a template that you can modify to suit yourself.


Please note that we will not discuss your file with a third party so please don’t get mum or dad or a friend to call us about your file. If it is essential that we discuss your file with a third party you must first give your permission in writing. Privacy is integral to our service.