FAQS – Minder

Frequently asked questions from people wanting to mind houses

What is the likelihood of getting a mind?

We are unable to judge how successful an application will be. We must match many requests from both parties and the homeowner has all the say.

How long will I have to wait once I am registered?

Most people arrange their minders in advance, especially if there are pets involved. Some people give us as much as 6 months warning. In our experience it takes at least a month before you are offered an assignment. Sometimes we have to find minders at short notice if someone’s minder lets them down at the last minute. Sometimes we don’t have a minder for a certain area and if it is a suburb you are willing to live in then you will get minding quite quickly.

Do realise that your application may not be successful. If the finer details do not match then we cannot offer you an the assignment.

If I take a shorter mind will I get another mind to move straight on to?

We do not encourage minders to rely on house minding for a roof over their head. We advise you to have a base where you can stay in between minds. You could even use our house sharing service for that.

Do you have long term minding?

Most of our assignments are 3 to 8 weeks. In our experience people who go away for longer periods of time often rent their homes. Occasionally we have 4 to 8 months assignments.

Do I have to pay rent and utilities?

Most assignments do not require rent but do require you to pay the utilities. Some assignments, usually long term, ask for a token rent.

How many minders who register with you get minding?

Over 90% of minders get minding, we are unable to predict on a case by case basis.

Do you refund fees?

No, your fee is an application fee which pays for our time to register your requests and details. It also covers our administrative costs to maintain and match your file. If you do not get any minding your fee remains in credit and can be used at a later date to do more minding or to have your home minded – or it can be transferred to any of our other services.

Can I bring my pet to the minding assignment?

Very often the reason a homeowner wants a minder is to have their pet cared for at home. Their pet may not get on with other animals and vice versa. To give yourself the greatest chance of minding it would be better to make arrangements for your own pet. Although occasionally homeowner will accept a minder with a pet.

Will it be difficult for us to find minding if we have children?

We usually find that home owner with children – whose houses are set up for children – are comfortable having a family mind their home. Older people who do not have children visiting their homes would not want children in their house. Each situation is different and needs to be assessed at the time.

What is the likelihood getting minding for relatives visiting Melbourne starting and ending on certain dates?

They would have a better chance of winning Tattslotto! Try serviced apartments or Rent a Home.

PS: We find that most questions can be answered by putting yourself in the other person’s shoes. Suppose you are looking for a minder and answer the questions from that stance.

Once registered be sure to keep a copy of our procedure handy