Home Owner

As people become more independent, and more mobile, they often have no one to call on when they want to leave their home for holidays or business. Parents often say they don’t want to ask their children to mind the home because they now have a life of their own. Or perhaps people have moved interstate away from their family network.

The minders are often single people living at home or with relatives, or needing a break from their current situation. Perhaps some peace and quiet to study. Or to save to buy a home of their own or to travel. Safe as Houses is designed to carefully match people so that the home owner feels comfortable leaving their ‘inner sanctum’ with a ‘stranger’. And in turn the minder likes the home owner so much that they feel ‘at home’ minding the house.

If there are pets involved, which is usually the case, we will choose an animal lover. We are the service to turn to when your network of friends and family are not available. The service we provide is like a friend of a friend referral system. Except it is often better to use safe as houses because people say that friends can take advantage of a situation and may not be as conscientious as a minder who greatly appreciates the opportunity for rent-free accommodation because they are renovating or living with relatives etc.

The service is designed to refer people of the same ilk to each other, we do not mind the house. The arrangements are made between the two parties. We can co-ordinate and advise, and can intervene and replace a minder if the nominated third party feels the house isn’t being cared for appropriately. In many cases the minder and the home owner enjoy each other so much that they continue to see each other after the minding assignment is over.

The key issues for having a home minded through us are:

Pets are happier at home, missing their owners is traumatic enough. One just needs to look at the majority of pet boarding places to know that the pet will be more comfortable at home. Of course, if it is a dog it can continue it’s guarding duties.

A lived-in home is a deterrent to intruders. It is also nicer for the home owner to return to a lived in house rather than a cold, dusty one.

Gardens will benefit from daily attention to watering and maintenance weeding so that the home owner does not have to spend hours restoring the garden to order on their return.