Minder Agreement

Feedback is crucial

After you have met the homeowner it is essential to email or phone us with immediate feedback. Preliminary advice can be left on our answering machine. We will return your email or call to discuss the outcome and any new information that arose during your meeting.

Advising changes

You accept the responsibility of ensuring that your details are always accurate so that we can match your details to the homeowner’s requests. Please advise us of any changes as soon as they occur; especially changes that affect your availability. Our office can be contacted 24 hours a day. We ask that you use email or our answering machine overnight to advise changes and to give feedback wherever possible.

Any changes to your situation after you have accepted an assignment must be discussed with us not the homeowner. For example, you may be invited away for the weekend during the minding assignment which means you will be absent overnight. Minding assignments have been cancelled immediately because the minder has communicated such changes directly to the homeowner. If we discuss it with the homeowner we can advise them of their options.

During the minding assignment

Should any problems arise during the assignment you will liaise with the third party nominated by the home owner. If you are unable to resolve an issue you should discuss it with our office. Any decision to repair anything or incur costs for the homeowner must go through the third party otherwise you may find that you have to bear the cost yourself.

Terms and conditions

You know that we cannot guarantee any minding for you because the home owner has all the say about who minds their home. If you haven’t heard from us for a few weeks we invite you to ring us to check progress (after lunch Tuesday to Friday is best).

Not adhering to these directions and agreements can result in missed assignments, or at worst, membership cancellation. We look forward to working with you and hope you will enjoy your minding assignments.

Payment of fee binds you to this Registration Agreement: I understand the responsibility of this house minding task and pledge that I will, with integrity, look after the assigned home as if it were mine. The information I have provided is true and correct. I will not arrange to mind the home of members or their friends without the knowledge of Chris Kaine & Associates Pty Ltd. I also understand that fees are not refundable but if unused they remain in credit and can be re-used and/or transferred to other services in the future.