House minding is a great way to find temporary accommodation. We personally match the homeowners and minders requirements.

Your temporary home circumstances should be hassle free because you will have access to people who can assist should any problem occur. We encourage the homeowner to arrange periodic inspections by that third party to ensure that everything is going smoothly. We will thoroughly screen you for your assignment and the people who own the house will interview you as well. Our emphasis is on matching the standards and values of people because we know people will be much more relaxed knowing their home will be looked after by someone they like.

We require three written references from people who can testify to the fact that you keep your own home in a proud and orderly manner. We will take details of your employment history, your driver’s licence number and car registration or other identification. Among the many other things we ask on the registration form is the names of people who will visit you during the assignment. We look forward to your participation in this unique service – the homes are often easily cared for and you should find the assignments very enjoyable. Read the press articles about our house minding program.

As minders you are not guarding the property, but will maintain a presence in the home as if the owners were there. It is rare that minders can be absent overnight and you will often have the added responsibility of feeding pets and caring for gardens. Minders are not paid and sometimes have to pay the gas, electricity and telephone bills.