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List updated Fri January 18, 2019, 3:09 pm

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60546Now02/01/2017We are a couple in our fifties and have moved on from our professional occupations. For the past six years we have been restoring historic buildings and gardens. We would like to house swap, or find a minder for, our historic Lancefield home while minding someone's home in Melbourne, preferably for three months.
62750Now06/02/2017Journalist in between 'things' available to care for your home, garden and pets.
62765Now23/01/2017Retired couple living in country Victoria happy to mind in a variety of areas for a change of scene. Experienced minders, good with pets and gardens. We have two cat-friendly English Cavs.
65575Now09/12/2016PERTH I am a single, healthy, quiet, non smoking, responsible, professional man of mature age, who enjoys clean, tidy and peaceful living. I am currently saving for my future and I would consider it a privilege to care for your home with all due diligence. If you are concerned about your pets, you should know that I appreciate and enjoy the company of animals. I have house sitting experience, both in Australia and overseas. References available on request.
66109Now02/01/2017School teacher from Swanhill wants to mind in melbourne on weekends (inner suburbs preferred) or in school holidays (fairly flexible about the suburb). Very experienced with animals - she has dogs and horses (will leave at home).
68016Now17/10/2017I am a mature & responsible single, female who is also a non-smoker and non-drinker. I am fond of dogs and cats enjoy a clean and healthy lifestyle. I work early hours full-time therefore I have plenty of spare daytime hours to enjoy doing gardening, walking, reading and hobbies. I have excellent references and police check if required. I respect other people's belongings and am available to house-sit for up to 6 months. Access to Ivanhoe.
68023Now16/12/2016I live a simple healthy lifestyle. No drugs, smokes or drinks. I love to keep fit by walking, hiking and bike riding. Photoraphy, Flute and poetry are my hobbies. I teach and provide service to the IT industry for a living and just love to retreat to a rural environment. I am content with a simple functional home and am not phased by larger complex houses. I am happy to look after animals and don't mind cats or small dogs in the home. I need to be active and enjoy fixing and improving things. Not into partying or clubing. I prefer a quite time at home alone, or with friends occasionally.
68754Now05/01/2017Retired couple: quiet, fun loving, considerate, warm, helpful. Respectful of others and their belongings. We want to see more of Australia and later the world. By minding your home we will experience different places while helping you with your pet minding, gardening and keeping your home safe. Available for any where in Australia.
69035Now13/12/2017I am a single female chef, brought up in the country, keen on organics and natural medicines, quite green, have had cats all my life and would love a small dog but not just yet. I am a keen traveller. Having recently come back from working overseas, I do not yet know which area to live in and need to save to trade in my poor little car, and hopefully save for a house. I would also like a surrogate pet as I can't have one at the moment. Some garden or trees would be lovely.
69131Now01/12/2016We are a mature academic couple who are reliable and comfortable with pets and plants. We used to have a Jack Russell. We housesit every year in Melbourne for our annual holidays. Can come and meet the owner in November. Have good references. Would consider some time in Canberra also.
69168Now27/03/2017Seen as a person of integrity by his peers, laid back in character, gentle but takes on responsibility as a serious side. This seen by him having a successful multifacited career in his working environment. I want to mind because it suits my career lifestyle where i can come and go but still have a home style lifestyle. Northern and Western Suburbs.
69316Now03/01/2017I freelance musician and music teacher in my thirties. I am an experienced house-sitter and especially enjoy looking after pets. I am based at my parents home to save some money do buy my own place. I am an animal lover and would be happy to care for cats, dogs, and any other household animals.
69388Now06/12/2016Quiet and reliable older professional available for minding duties.
69587Now12/12/2016Male Financial Adviser.
Non-smoker into healthy living. Previous pet owner. Very handy around home. Responsible, organised and tidy.
69645Now01/05/2017I am a retired female from a management position in academia, I like to have neat and tidy surroundings, am responsible, reliable and honest, a non-smoker, love all animals especially cats and dogs and enjoy gardening. Would like to look after a home with or without animals on either short or long term basis.
69708Now18/11/2016I am a responsible and organised 66 year old baby boomer interested in cutting back on expenses. Divorced with three successful children and five grandchildren, I am currently a business consultant and I am also involved in philanthropic and volunteer organisations. I need to be away over night from time to time which could restrict pet minding.
69824Now31/12/2017I'm a professional, single, 43 year old male, working in the CBD. I'm busy, but tend to be home at nights and am happy to look after pets. I'm very responsible and honest and have respect for other people and their homes. I am interested in minding just to experience living in different parts of Melbourne and to enjoy some space by myself before I purchase a property.
69853Now03/03/2017I am a retired female teaching, living in the country and visiting Melbourne regularly to see my family. I am available for short periods of time and would be very willing to care for pets. I love animals and miss not having any at the moment.
69906Now14/02/2017I am a single, young, born and bred female Melbournite looking to house-sit and available immediately. I am a non-smoker and do not drink or take any drugs. I am currently in my second year of studying a Bachelor of Laws & Bachelor of Arts and consider myself to be highly studious, tidy, responsible and independent. I am also an animal lover, having owned and/or cared for many dogs and countless cats over the years.