Home Owner Procedure

If you have registered to find a house minder you have agreed to the following ….

We search our database to find the most appropriate minder for you. You understand that we don’t ‘mind’ your home, we put you in touch with people who can.

The responsibility for choosing the minder rests with you, if the first one you see is not appropriate tell us why and we will arrange for you to meet another minder.

We cannot guarantee that the right minder will be available although 99% of home owners find the minder that suits them.

The process is as follows:

When we have chosen a minder for you to meet we will email or phone you to tell you about them. At this stage they know very little about you, just the suburb in which you live and the duration of your absence. We only tell them all about you when you agree that they sound suitable and that there is no conflict of interest.

With your permission, we then contact the minder to give them more detail about your minding assignment. They will contact you to arrange a convenient meeting time. The first meeting is usually to ascertain whether you like each other and feel comfortable to proceed.

Minder Procedure

Procedure once you have registered as a minder ……

When you register to be a house minder you agree to follow this procedure. Not following this procedure can jeopardise your results.

To give you the greatest opportunity to mind a house we ask that you co-operate in the following way.


Your three references must be addressed to Chris Kaine and Associates Pty Ltd. Your referees vouch for your honesty, reliability and integrity. At least one reference would vouch for the proud and orderly manner you keep your own environment. Some home owners may ask you to organise a police clearance – telephone your local police station to arrange. Please ask your referees to email us directly if possible, otherwise fax or post. We will pass these references on to the homeowner if requested.

Accepting an assignment

When we see that you are the best minder for an assignment we ring you to confirm your availability and ask for your commitment to the assignment sight unseen. We ask that you are absolutely sure you want to do the mind before we contact the homeowner.   We would rather you think overnight about an assignment offered than commit on the spot only to find some other commitment coincides. You may have to confer with a partner. We than ask that you respond to us quickly (please use email or our answering machine if convenient) otherwise the assignment will be offered to someone else. Some assignments are offered to several minders at once therefore the first to respond will usually be successful.